Florida's First Choice for Autism Support

May has arrived and so has the rain. Not sure about your littles but mine are nervous nellies during storms. I always find myself handing them my phone or Ipad to keep their minds off the thunder and come back to find about 500 pictures of the water. Of course as soon as a storm comes through that is lightning free I must admit that we are outside jumping, dancing and laughing as it falls around us. Only one chance to be little so I encourage it to the fullest!

Now just a step back to April and all of the wonderful activities starting with Fiesta by the Bay! What a great turnout! It was so much fun to see all my ASD families again and catch up. We are all so busy throughout the year that I really enjoy getting a chance to see everyone. I also love the fact that my littles can run around, have fun and are safe because everyone is helping keep an eye on them. They too enjoy their time with the friends who ‘get them’ and it just makes such a difference. I will admit that there are still light up maracas in the backseat of my car, which at one point looked like a disco ball. This year was the most fun yet and I look forward to watching it continue to grow!

Another great moment that I was thrilled to attend happened in the beginning of the month helped kick things off… USF lit it up blue throughout the campus and my littles and I jumped right in! It truly means a lot to me to see so many stepping up and helping spread the word! Our friends at CARD-USF were also hard at work the entire month with other activities and really helped make Autism Awareness Month something to remember, as it should be. This is a lifelong adjustment for us all and having the rest of the world on board will make it that much easier.

If you attended an event in your area I would love to hear about it! You can always email me at TiffanySotelo@yahoo.com for questions, comments, to share or to vent, as I truly get it.

Wishing everyone a wonderful May and every day and to all my ASD moms I hope you’ll get a chance to take off that cape and enjoy Mother’s Day as you have earned it!



Tiffany Sotelo

Constituency Chair, CARD-USF



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