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Children will experience many transitions within the school system. For children with disabilities, they may transition from early intervention to preschool to elementary school to middle school to high school to a specially designed transition program to adulthood. For children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, each transition brings its own challenges and rewards. Did you know that transition planning becomes a systematic process when your child enters high school?

Transition planning usually begins at age 14. Transition services become an integral component of the Individual Education Plan (IEP). Transition planning involves the student, the family, school staff, and outside agency staff. The transition process continues until the student graduates or ages out of program.

Think of transition planning as the pathway to adulthood. What are the desired outcomes? What steps are necessary to achieve the outcomes? In the next several issues of CARD Connector, we will share tips and guidelines for effective transition planning. The following documents will help get you and your family started on the “yellow brick road to adulthood”.

“Start Exploring Now for Tomorrow: A Family Guide for Vocational Planning”


“FAAST General Self-Help Resources to Promote Effective Transition Planning with Students with Disabilities…”


“Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Families”


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