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Rating: 5/5 popcorn kernels


Outstanding! I recently saw this movie and was excited that “emotions” were the main characters of the film. Pixar movies typically resonate with all ages. This film may be the perfect match of the connection of these films and depicting main characters as concepts that people with ASD have a difficult time understanding. As many parents understand, emotions can sometimes be a difficult area to navigate. Emotions may be easily misunderstood or unrecognizable for many.

The main characters are creatively portrayed by “Joy”, “Sadness”, “Disgust” and “Fear”. They put a face and a personality to emotions. In addition, great plot lines about transitioning to a new city, home, school and other unexpected challenges, including loss. You will have many laughs at the understated adult humor. I found myself laughing out loud! Also, some sad moments. I encourage you to take advantage of all these teachable moments after viewing with your kids/teens.

There are many wonderful resources to teach kids/teens about recognizing emotions and life transitions.






Comments on: "Mindy’s Movie Critic’s Corner: Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out”" (1)

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Mindy. My three year old daughter with ASD is obsessed with this film (she’s already seen it three times)! It really resonates with her and has helped match up emotions with how she’s feeling at particular times. If she becomes frustrated or upset, we ask her if she has “sadness” and the recognition on her face is unmistakable. Pixar and Disney have given the families of children on the spectrum a special gift with this film. Also, DreamWorks Studio’s “Home” (which came out earlier this year) teaches some of the same lessons, even if it lacks some of the magic of “Inside Out.”

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